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We are transitioning from an oil-based society to a cannabis-based society. What was once forbidden is now becoming legal and socially acceptable. The time is now. A  new age has dawned. The need for an independent cannabis TV channel has risen.


CannabisTVision.com, naturespharmacy.guru and now growingcannabis.tv is an online cannabis community. We are based in Canada were medical and recreational cannabis is now legal.  We are proud to be part of the cannabis movement that seems to be sweeping the entire world. From seed to harvest, the more you know the more you grow.


The cannabis industry will provide many jobs for our communities and there is nothing stopping anyone from creating jobs for themselves once cannabis becomes legal in your country. Natures Pharmacy.guru provides informative and entertaining content. The focus is on cannabis cultivation, cannabis harvesting, cannabis cuisine, and cannabis medicinals. Don't get left behind. Learn the fundamental skills to enter the cannabis industry. The Green Rush is on.


The American government has registered over 5,000 patents for cannabis use, so you can bet your bottom dollar cannabis is in our future.


The award-winning cannabis chef, Derek Butt will be sharing his recipes and his many years of experience as a cannabis cultivator. We are striving to achieve sustainable agricultural practices that will increase quality and yield while decreasing the need for chemical fertilizers, insecticides, and fungicides.


We believe a chef has a responsibility to nourish the body and not just pleasure the senses for profit. We believe a doctor has a responsibility to heal the mind and body and not just medicate symptoms for profit. We believe farmers have a responsibility to practice sustainable agriculture rather than just erode our soil and diminish the quality of our food supply for profit.

Take Health Care into your own hands. You have the power. Food is medicine. Nourishment is key to health and vitality. Most diseases can be healed thru diet, exercise, and lifestyle. The body can produce what it needs to heal from the basic elements found in your gut. Eating fresh whole foods that are unpasteurized, raw and fermented is key to providing the microorganisms the fuel to digest your food. Without microorganisms in your gut, we die.


I am pleased to announce the addition of my son Winston / AKA DopeBoi to the cast and crew. Winston is a second generation grower with many

years of experience to offer the cannabis community. He is also

a natural co-host for The Craft Growers Series and our YouTube




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