May 5

Interesting Links of the Day II


I was shocked to see this, a prosecutor actually applying law as it should be applied. It's a crime to have political prosecutions that aren't based in legal principle. The herb DUI issue is a great example. There is no standard of law on which to base a conviction. It's all political. 👍 for Krasner. Prosecutor Larry Krasner of Philly is taking a step in the right direction. " Philadelphia District Attorney Won’t Prosecute Cannabis DUIs" -- High Times

That’s way to cool No Cannabis DUI‘s. We all know if to hight to drive then your to high to do much but ChillLax

Yeah. It never made any sense to pretend it was legal to take legal action on something that possibly wasn't even part of the charge. If the charge is driving under the influence today, but the "evidence" detects influences over the last 14-30 days. Never made any legal sense, even to non-lawyers.

I wouldn't say "less is more" but what do I know? It seems that "less is less hard work" that's for sure haha. Bigger room, less plants, is the way to go. But I've also seen massive greenhouses use rolling benches for their plants, so there is only 1 aisle open at a time, limiting light loss to walls about as much as possible.

Dowding is always reppin it haha! I love the look of that greenhouse.

@JohnnyCakes My dream is to have a greenhouse attached by the end to my home, and have an indoor patio area at the transition, with a small eating area and a hammock. 👍

Jun 3Edited: Jun 3 MH sp-250 in a 5x3 tent. That's a 400W (HID replacement) on 4 plants drawing 232W (supposedly) from the wall. Looks like he has a COB to the left, which I think is 150W true (300-400W or so HPS replacement?) Thought it was worth sharing with someone who might not have seen it.

Some before to compare to the after:

Wow those stalks though. Good sized nugs

@JohnnyCakes " Moby Dick XXL at 49 days/Stardawg & Gorilla Glue Auto day 1" -- Bubbleponics King, YouTube I don't like posting too many links> I figure the IG is different than youtube. But anyway, a lot of cool stuff going on out there. Different strains, etc. Some hydroponic action on this channel.

Yes I got you. Sorry on the late response I haven't had access to my email recently. That LED interlighting is too close IMO. Looks like 6 inches away, might be too many watts per square foot. Is the temperature too high? The plants have epinasty as well. Not to sound harsh, it looks good overall. I just don't understand some choices. The fans are everywhere as well. You only need two really, on opposite sides of the room on opposite corners to make circulation. Makes sense if the temperature is pushing 78F+. If he doesn't have much space as it appears I don't understand why he wouldn't pot up transplants as well. He has little seedlings in a huge ass tote. I think Chef recommends a grow room and flowering room for the faster production. Thank you for sharing!

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" BEST BUDGET LED For A 2x4 Grow?? SP-250 Unboxing, PAR & Heat Test" --Justintime2grow, YouTube This guy posted what I thought was a thorough review of the SP-250 There's some confusion about labels on the light, but it's supposed to be an sp-250. But the heat readings and PAR readings were interesting. The Par is spread out much better at 18 inches than the map suggests.

Really great video, helps understand lighting a lot! I liked how much the reflectors affected the PAR. Interesting "Autoflower Revolution." Alongside Chef, I like this guy as an author. This is an interesting video. Although I don't really care about any "new tomato." Tomatoes aren't profitable really for me on an urban farm scale. However, I would definitely be interested in autoflowering for future indoor grows for rapid harvests for personal use. I just need a veg/flower room but got no room )':

Thanks for that YT channel link. They have some decent uploads. I didn't realize that was the author of "Teaming with Microbes" at first. 👍

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"Moby Dick XXL Auto at 77 days/Gorilla Glue & Stardawg Auto at 28 days" -- Bubbleponics King update. Some very cool hydroponics info and a great run with a "blurple" light that so many people criticize. He's growing autos, so flower and veg are all in the same tent. A nice setup for limited space or even for efficiency.

What is is blurple light you speak of? Very interesting stuff. You know I've been fancyin dem autos recently!

I like it! Thanks for sharing bout this. Way to go Hawaii...

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  • I created a social site that focuses on marijuana... Pot Swap Club, were people are able to trade marijuana and more. I created it last year, however I had some health problems and other issues and had to put the site on hold, but now i'm back in action. I just added forums and could use knowledgeable people , if interested, please watch the short video and visit the site... To our success in life "What we tell ourselves, our brain believes"
  • Hi all. This is a message to Chef's family who I assume might have control over this website now. Please inform everyone of the status of the website. I would appreciate being able to come back and post, but perhaps it is time to share my research with another knowledge data base. I currently have my research saved from this website but would recommend everyone save any posts that are of particular interest to them as well in case the site is suddenly shut down.
  • Hi all. Below is a recipe for a homemade organic pro-mix taken from SF Gate. I know Chef has passed but I think this is still an excellent forum to gather on and spread research with. I do think someone should comment on if this web page will exist for long though as well just in case so this valuable research is not deleted! I have back ups just in case but I'll make a seperate post for that. Onto the pro-mix recipe: 1/3 peat moss 1/3 perlite 1/3 organic gardening soil 1/4 cup garden lime per gallon of mix I have tried it and it works. Be careful if you have hard water, you will need to add intermediate chelators (AKA L-Amino Acids) to chelate the calcium, magnesium, etc in your water to prevent transpiration issues etc general salt issues that occur with mixing hard water and this fairly sweet and calcium and magnesium rich soil mix. I recommend going easy on the dolomite lime in general and also go easy on the peat moss, peaty soil is known to compact. If you are gonna be moving plants in pots add more perlite than peat moss because this will help with transpiration issues that come from compaction when moving potted plants around. You'll notice how good this mix smells and works for plants! You'll get very fast growing plants because this mix is focused on high porosity for a very high rate of transpiration and therefore plant mass production! Also note that this mix only feeds plants for a couple weeks and then you will need to add some salts for the plant and soil health. Adding a bit of organic matter to the soil eventually will be a good idea as well to continue feeding your organic base in the soil. I personally have a food web with springtails being consumed by a certain antonymous fungi in my soil I try to keep going. The springtails don't leave the pot and the fungi and springtails provide a ton of nitrogen to the plant, potentially CO2 as well! This cycle has successfully infected all the pots in my house interestingly. Sources: SF Gate Guide for peat moss pH balancing: Peat moss to perlite ratio (Also SF Gate): SF Gate's article on the disadvantages of soil-less media (similar to this growing medium (pro-mix) minus the organic gardening soil): SF Gate article on composition of potting soil (good place to start to understand potting soils which are often replaced by soil-less pro-mixes). Also ratios of stuff: On the springtail and fungi note, that is harder to source. The certain springtail eating and red hued mushroom producing fungi comes from Host Defence's Myco-Blend all purpose microbial and biostimulant inoculant and I think the springtails followed me via transporting the same compost over a long period of time. On the transpiration topic: Dr. B.C. Wolverton's book "How to Grow Fresh Air" explains that there is an equation that dictates how much air a plant is filtering dependent upon how much mass the plant produces. This has a lot to do w/ the soil medium. High porosity soil makes for the fastest mass production in plants. PS. If you have your own high porosity pro-mix or something similar please post it here. Of particular interest are environmentally friendly mixes, which the above mentioned mix is not due to the unsustainable peat moss component. Coco coir can be used to replace it (and is more environmentally friendly) but then potassium salts should be added at some point although I am less experienced with that mix so I don't know how soon potassium would be essential. I imagine co co coir may cause issues w/ pH because it may not be super acidic and so dolomite lime may need to be adjusted to lesser quantity per gallon. Also this mix may have too much calcium and magnesium due to coco coir and dolomite lime having so much of these elements. Maybe it'd be fine though. A good pH, texture, and an organic base, and magical things can happen with any soil mix basically.

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