Aug 1

Decarb and Cannabutter YT Link


I can't remember if I posted this link here, but it's one of my favorite infusion videos. It's from Bubbleponics King on YT. "How to make potent cannabutter for baking or cooking recipes." I know I told Johnny Cakes that I was out for a couple of weeks, but I came across this and think it's good the share it. There are so many questions about how long to decarb, storage, infusing butter, etc. 🕊

Aug 7Edited: Aug 7

I like the low key approach w/ the scentless decarb. I typically like to let everyone know what I'm cooking with an open window, but I appreciate the OG approach! Also having the butter separate from the water is an interesting approach. I wonder if butter vs. butter and water extract are different for cannabis nutrition. and no worries about coming back sooner than expected! It's hard to stay away from our little research board here. cannabuds306 made some cookies. with cannabutter and posted about them on IG. He seemed please with his results. Funny. He follows chef, not sure if he's over here or not. 👍🕊 Johnny, thought you might enjoy it if you don't already follow him.

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