Aug 7, 2018

Questions surrounding canna oil


Hi Chef B/ everyone. Here is my situation, I live in an area where cannabis is very much illegal, but I smoke so have access to flower. I have a friend who suffers from tremendous back pain, and someone recommended that he should try THC for his back pain, and so he has approached me to see if I can make him some canna oil. He has tried CBD oil, and that certainly helps him, but he wants to try something that may help even more with the pain.


I was planning on following Chef B's canna oil video, where the recipe was 28g bud to 400ml coconut oil, but I have some questions surrounding the dosage and method.


Firstly, the person that the canna oil is for has Asperger's syndrome, and does not want to be "stoned" after taking the oil. If he takes a small amount of oil, will he still receive the pain relief without getting too high? And if that is the case, what kind of a dose would be recommended? I was thinking about 2.5g of canna oil to start off with, that works out at about the equivalent of 0.2g of herb, do you think this dose would be enough/suitable?


Secondly, will THC-A still give pain relief? I was thinking of maybe making the oil in a slow cooker on low for about 6 hours. In Chef's video he decarbs first, but if I don't decarb first will the oil still be effective. Also, how long would I need to decarb 7g of bud for and at what temperature?


Finally, some recipes online suggest using Soya Lecithin as it makes the oil more bio-available. But, does this also mean the patient will become more stoned from the oil?


Many thanks everyone,



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