Sep 24, 2018

The Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen


Ever heard of the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen? I was told about these lists in an environmental science class. The dirty dozen are the most sprayed plant foods on the market with some food like strawberries which have tested for up to 40 to 50 pesticides on average from conventional farms. The Clean Fifteen is the exact opposite, conventionally farmed foods which are likely to have little to no synthetic chemicals sprayed on them, such as broccoli. According to a psychology study I learned about in a psychology class I think, middle class citizens typically buy organic food on a cost-dependent basis. As in, if the organic food is on sale or is priced the same or lower than conventional foods (which isn't typical), then middle class people buy the organic option. However, I believe people should change their grocery shopping habits based on these lists! I believe that if middle class people were informed of these lists at grocery stores before shopping, they would rather spend the extra money to buy certain organic foods in replacement of their much more toxic conventional counterparts. I think it's a smarter and healthier way to shop, even if slightly more expensive at times, ya still get to buy conventional foods. Dirty Dozen list link: Clean Fifteen list link: You can also google them.

I hope to start growing more vegetables this winter, maybe even try some LED or T5 veggies, growing vertical. That's the ultimate solution to this contamination problem with weed and produce, home grown food and then knowing local growers as a second alternative. The local produce growers are driving to cities now, so availability has increased dramatically.


The wholesale price they get is so low that they can drive a box truck to the city (about 50 miles) and still make a lot more money. The bed concept that Chef B is testing is very interesting for me. If I can get some items at work resolved, I'll be able to spend time on it. I like To Be Kind's suggestion about using the smart pots, 100 - 200 gallon. The 150 gallon size is 45 inches round and 22 inches deep. It should make a great bed for a 4x4 tent. I plan to put a trellis in there and grow vertically. But I used to carry that dirty dozen card with me.

Oct 24, 2018

Huh I shoulda tagged you in this post initially. Of course you would have a comment on this with a name like that, Local. lol. Growing veggies sounds like a good idea. Getting to know other plants helps understand cannabis better too I find. I hope to start a farm myself, probably part cannabis part food production, but currently aiming for just food production now and cannabis flowers in the future. Just gotta graduate first haha. Since you like Jean Martin Fortier, I'll tell you his favorite quote. I actually can't remember or find it but it basically said, "if I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 6 sharpening the ax." I am currently sharpening the ax. By using small scale production I am learning how to master everything on a small scale first before doing large scale production. Curtis Stone's book recommends starting with a measly 500 square feet for market gardening. Isn't that fucking nuts? Then slowly move up to 1/4 acre+. I started with just under 500 ft^2 and he's right. If you are doing anything else with your life, it's difficult to manage just that. It's a perfect way to start and learn an immense amount. Interesting what you say about the wholesale price for farmers far away from cities. The bed concept is very interesting to me as well. I personally hate beds for outdoors because they are limiting, but I think it's a really intelligent idea for indoors. I just prefer to not be limited outdoors I find, the most permanent thing I use is cages to keep out the satanic gophers/voles. Those huge smart pots do seem... Smart. The 150 gal size sounds nice with that depth going for it. Not very deep, but not too shallow. I hope you start a nice veggie garden man. I'd recommend outdoors, just because of the experience. Even guerrilla gardening is worth the experience, I've done it at my apartment complex haha. Currently have a sunflower/cucumber patch going in the corner that nobody minds. Not that guerrilla I guess but still. Eh anyway yeah I'll have to get a card too lol I tend to forget and then I end up eating some pretty dirty stuff haha.

A lot of my thinking is from what I know of the Russian dacha culture. They were often growing on 600 m2. (about .15 acre) But by volume, the nation fed itself with what I think was potatoes and cabbage. I don't know if there are numbers since 2011, but dachas in Russia reportedly grew about 40% of the nation's food. People defined as "peasant farmers" grew another 11%. Not sure if that means impoverished people or just people who weren't migrating back and forth from the suburbs and cities.

Oct 28, 2018

Interesting. That's modern then. I wonder what the dachas were doing right compared to the peasant farmers hah! Or if they just outnumbered them. I love the ideals of having many smaller farms rather than large scale monoculture agriculture. It is more secure because it is more complicated in this case I think

Apr 26Edited: Apr 26

I don't endorse this person at all, but this particular video was interesting, for what it's worth. " Organic vs Non Organic Produce" -- Pamela Popper But to be honest, I am sick and tired of people trying to reinvent how to eat just so they can sell books and courses or prepared foods. It gets people all upset and they don't know what to believe. Even on Popper's channel, people in the comments are frustrated and confused, but instructed to join for $1000 a year as a member in order to resolve that confusion. Create a problem and sell a solution?

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