Jan 3

Why do you cook the paste?


You could melt cocunut oil and mix it with the crushed plant and have a raw paste. That way you know nothing has been lost by cooking it. I know if you cook it at too high a temp some compounds in the plant get destroyed/lost.


What is the reason for cooking the paste at 68 degrees for 10 - 12 hours? What benefits does cooking have over raw paste?



Jan 22

Cooking the paste decarboxylates the cannabis, which means it has a psychoactive effect. While many people do not want to get "high" from cannabis, there are benefits to decarboxylating the herb.

Jan 26

Thank you for your reply.


I thought the reason you only cook it at 68 degrees was so it didn't decarboxylate. I was under the impression you had to take it to much higher temperature than 68 degress for it to decarboxylate?


Do you know at that temperature it starts to decarboxylate?



Jan 26

What are the benefits to decarboxylating the herb? Besides getting high lol.

Jan 30

Hey man, sorry, I didn't see your response. When you decarboxylate the tbc bypasses tetetblood brain barrier. There are supposed to be many benefits that protect the brain by consuming it this way, that you won't get with non decarboxylated cannabis. However, you can consume much more cannabis by not decarbing it. So it's up to you. You could also make a 50/50 mix if you have access to plenty of herb. That way you get the best of both worlds.


Also, you are completely right, the cannabis will not decarb at 68c

I think I saw on RuffHouse Studios that decarboxylation works better as a separate process before any other ingredients are added. People use different temperatures and times. A common one is 240F for 40-45 minutes. If you have a strain with terpenes that may be lost with too much heat, use a lower temperature or less time. The main suggestion I have read is to underdose when first learning.

I think a release of nutrients is also a consequence of cooking something. I found what I thought was an interesting link about the process of cooking. "Why Do We Cook Our Food and What Happens When We Do?"--Eufic, November 8, 2010. Some of what is in the article of that title may be informative to the decarbxylation questions and the title about why cook the paste. I do not believe that cooking and decarboxylation are the same thing. Perhaps one can cook without decarbing, but they can't decarb without cooking.

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